Eltima Serial Splitter Mobile 3.0

Eltima Serial Splitter Mobile 3.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009



Serial Splitter Mobile by Eltima is a new generation of professional system utilities for mobile devices. This is the software for splitting real serialports into virtual ones in your favorite Smartphone, Pocket PC or other mobile embedded device. This is useful if you need several applications to workwith the same serial port on your mobile device simultaneously. Finally, one program works with one virtual port, the other one with another port and so on. But, in fact, all of them work with the same split real port.Serial Splitter Mobile can create up to 20 virtual ports for real port splitting - COM0-COM9, VSP0-VSP9. Moreover, all of the ports are equal! You canspecify a read-only access mode for every created port. You can also manage real serial port settings: Baudrate, Parity, Databits, Stopbits, Flow Control. Since version 3.0, Serial Splitter Mobile has featured a unique port bundles approach, which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtualor real serial ports at the other one, as well as join multiple serial ports into one. With Serial Splitter Mobile, you can connect one application to theother, and split real ports into virtual ones. As a result, applications can exchange data. Such solutions are always useful for GPS simulation systems.

Systems: Windows

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